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Easy: Nobody likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy. Create an environment that makes it easy for customers to buy. NEVER use coercive or manipulative techniques, and walk away graciously if you don't have the right product or service for your customer's needs...

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Just completed my second coaching call with Chris Allen for his "Awakened Selling" program! I can genuinely say that I felt my soul awaken a handful of times as I was guided to grow in confidence towards the business I am developing right now.

Chris gave me a greater awareness of transcending into True Creativity, he guided me to recognize and stay focused on the current phase I am on, and ultimately challenging me to have fun exploring my vision!
-- Max M, Marketing & Social Media Strategist

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Favorite Quotes

"A great leader is an agent of change who has clarity of vision and knows how to make that vision a reality. Such a person comes from a level of core consciousness which is what we call the soul."
-- Deepak Chopra

"Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everybody gets busy on the proof."
-- John Kenneth Galbraith 

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Connect with the Soul of your Business
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Are you in business for yourself -- or are you responsible for generating new and repeat business for an employer? Do any of these situations ring a bell?

  • You're looking for fresh insights to accelerate the growth of your business or sales relationships
  • You're a sales person under pressure to increase sales, but you’re not really enjoying the selling game
  • You're an entrepreneur looking for engaging ways to differentiate and expand your base of loyal customers
  • You're a sales manager whose team is under performing, and the 'tried and true' methods of training and motivation have lost their charm
  • You're tired of hitting brick walls, and ready to connect with your innate power to lead your team and create dynamic new opportunities

Entrepreneurs: What it means to you

Re-empower yourself and your employees with a deepened connection to the real value of your business offerings -- to you, your employees, customers, and community!
  • Deliver delight in every customer interaction
  • Increase repeat business and customer loyalty
  • Generate more positive buzz in your market and community
  • More...

Sales Professionals: What it means to you

Discover and connect with your own unique gifts and power to create more value in the sales relationship -- for both you and your clients. You will learn -- and begin to own -- how to:
  • Sustain the inner passion that supports you through sales ups and downs
  • Navigate the sales cycle with greater ease, less attachment and fewer obstacles
  • Intuitively align with what matters to your prospects and inspire them to buy
  • More...

Why Me?

For over 20 years, I have served as a Director of Business Development for a 200-employee global user experience research and design firm. My annual sales have consistently been at the top of the leader board, and I am sought out by corporate management for strategic planning of sales and marketing programs.

My 30-year career has spanned the sale of office equipment, executive recruiting, art posters, and user experience research & design. Supporting my career success has been a lifetime committment to personal and spiritual development.

I've built sustained and trusted relationships with all levels of business professionals from small business owners to senior corporate executives across many industries. Cients have included: Fortune 500 corporations, independent and chain retailers, professional services, and non-profits and educational institutions.

My mission is to facilitate the expansion of your business or sales career through a deep and lasting connection with your own creative power -- the Soul of Your Business.


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